Lindsey Buckingham




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6 Responses to “Lindsey Buckingham”

  1. Molly Lambert Says:

    omg buckingham palace 4ever. is it against staff policy to post beautiful naked women alongside the beautiful men? e-staff-meeting.

  2. cougarcub Says:

    Eesh, I had thought about that and I don’t know. I think it’s ok in this instance. I put the ‘potential threesomes’ tag but I don’t really want to have a threesome with Stevie Nicks. It would be like fucking God.

  3. Molly Lambert Says:

    I bet her come tastes like god, just like John Holmes’s

  4. cougarcub Says:

    I have an ongoing internal debate about whether “come” or “cum” is grosser that I think you just solved

  5. Molly Lambert Says:

    “cum” is grosser y/y?

  6. Molly Lambert Says:

    nope, ‘come’ is way worse.

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