Kanye West & Pharrell Williams



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4 Responses to “Kanye West & Pharrell Williams”

  1. Brie Merritt Says:

    Hi my name is Brie Merritt and I am i gimormous fan both Pharrell and Kanye west. Their like my altimate male role models anyways I think that this friendly rival is great as long as neither kanye or Pharrell get into an major altercation or a physical disagreement their so important to our african american society and if this situation were to ever happen not only would be crushes, but so would the hearts that also look up to you guys. Thanks for listening if ever even read this message.

    Brie Merritt

  2. RONAld Says:

    these are my fav. artist. i look up too them.

  3. 808's and Heartbreak mp3s downloads Says:

    808’s and Heartbreak – What’s on Youtube…

    West went to classify his new disc as a pop songs, stating his disdain towards the contemporary backlash to the concept of pop music and expressed admiration for what some pop stars have accomplished in their careers….

  4. jj Says:

    hey girls… how ya’ll doin?

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